We align with your business goals, tailor project-specific packages, and set clear milestones to ensure all aspects of your project are delivered on time and within budget. 

We can work with you at the beginning of the project to assist in developing an Execution Plan and overall project strategy. We can then continue to work with you through the lifecycle of the project including asset hand over, commissioning, optimisation and operations. Our team is able to provide systematic solutions and adapt to any issue you may face. 

There are many aspects to consider in the successful completion of a project.

Our experienced team uses the latest industry-specific systems and software to manage: 

  • Procurement – Quality – Project Controls – Document Control 
  • Project Systemisation – Progress Reporting – Completions 
  • Commissioning – Operations – Shutdown Planning – Maintenance 
  • Team Building
CONSI Capability Statement Cover Page

CONSI Capability Statement

The CONSI Capability Statement outlines our capabilities and values. Download as a PDF (April 2019).

Kick Off.

The key purpose of the Kick Off, is to develop a comprehensive vision of what must be accomplished. From this vision we define project Milestones and align stakeholders’ expectations with the project’s purpose. We show stakeholders how their participation in the project can ensure that their expectations are achieved.

CONSI’s projects have a clear vision of what must be accomplished and what is expected of all stakeholders. We have been engaged to recover projects and our experience has shown that failure to kick off correctly results in project failure. We create a culture that is supportive and ensures stakeholders are accountable.

CONSI will provide project oversight from Kick Off whilst building the capacity of client staff to better manage their future projects.


Projects fail because of poor planning. We use our experience on projects of all sizes – from minor upgrades to multi-billion dollar projects – to create a reliable plan based on the unique challenges that each project presents. Our projects succeed because we don’t ‘copy and paste’ plans from previous projects. We establish the total scope of the effort, refine the objectives, and develop the actions to hit the objectives. Plans are made at the beginning of a project when least information is available. For this reason, our plans are designed to be adaptable. We manage change by responding quickly and innovatively as changes are presented and take advantage of opportunities as they become apparent.

A key part of our Planning stage is to commence stakeholder engagement. We seek input and encourage involvement from all stakeholders when planning the project, and then feed this into our planning and project management documentation. Our approach also acknowledges that even the best project plan cannot exist as a standalone document, in the same way that project activities are not standalone events and are impacted by each other. We integrate all stakeholder plans and ensure activities are in line with achieving project milestones.


We are recognised as outstanding performers who can get the best from the people and organisations around us. We create a team culture that is respectful and supportive and enables us to coordinate people and resources to satisfy project specifications and meet project milestones. We insist that all stakeholders on a project are “one of us”. We have a ‘hands on’ approach and take full ownership of our projects. We avoid an ‘us and them’ approach to getting things done and work with all stakeholders to meet our shared goals. Our approach to resourcing ensures all members of our team are aware of each other’s roles and responsibilities; this enables us to limit the number of CONSI staff on each project which in turn keeps overall project costs to a minimum. This method has proven to be successful on various types of projects, both nationally and internationally.

Monitor and Control.

We continuously monitor and control project activities against the project management plan and the project performance baseline. We plan and coordinate the progress and performance of the project in such a way that we can anticipate and identify any areas in which changes to the plan are required or if any areas require additional attention. Our easy-to-understand reporting and open communication give stakeholders insight into the health of the project and allow the client to have confidence in the health of the project on an ongoing basis.

Close Out.

Our Close Out model sets us apart from others.  This model, which is based on progressive handover, fast tracks from construction into commissioning and operation. Using this model, we have handed over a fully operational plant within days of construction contractors completing their scope. As key project milestones are completed, we provide detailed verification to obtain acceptance from the client to close the project and formally establish that the project is complete. The final stage of our Close Out is a project evaluation and lessons learned. We include all stakeholders to develop a project evaluation and lessons learned. In addition to the evaluation and lessons learned, all relevant project documents from the project information management system are handed over. This allows the client to use the information as historical data for operations planning and for future projects. We close out all procurement activities ensuring termination of all relevant agreements and assess and reassign project resources, including team members if necessary.

Optimise, Operate and Maintain.

Our systems enable us to view every tagged item on the project. We track each item from manufacture, delivery, calibration, installation and commissioning. Having the full history of every component allows us to monitor, optimise and maintain effectively. We reduce time spent on fault finding by assessing historical data and reviewing previous issues and solutions with each individual item.  

We take a “One Team, One Dream” approach. We set operational milestones & daily targets and ensure all our teams are integrated and working toward the same goal. Our job rotation program enables us to smash down silos and create an environment where departments work together. This also allows information to flow between departments and aligns our goals.