CONSI’s highly motivated project professionals include a range of experienced operators and multi-discipline tradespeople as well as senior project managers.

Having worked around the globe – including in Australia, Egypt, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique and the Philippines – we have developed a unique skill set and become leaders in our field.

Our distinctive approach covers all project stages: from initial planning, strategy and risk management, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation as well as ongoing maintenance and training.

We tailor services to meet your needs, and ensure projects are completed safely, to a high quality standard, and within the agreed schedule and budget.

Community Engagement

Whether it’s on the job training or local sporting events, we take great pride in getting involved in the communities where we work and involving people from local communities in our work. 

International performance and local development

Delivering complex projects in regions faced with challenges requires specific expertise. Projects need to be mobilised quickly and managed flexibly and efficiently, and local stakeholders must be part of the entire process.

International performance

Consi is called on to help find solutions to international construction and operations challenges, our team has the expertise to achieve value for our clients and in-country stakeholders.

We bring extensive experience and understanding of what works to every project. As a result, we are able to work effectively to deliver in even the most challenging security and political environments.

Our team works closely with international and local organisations to deliver projects. We help build the capacity of local stakeholders so they can tackle challenges that come with delivering construction and operations in difficult situations.  We leave behind tools, methodologies and a culture to support the communities in which we have worked.

Local development

We bring a robust monitoring and evaluation approach to our programs to ensure the best development outcomes. With our support, projects and local contractors are equipped with practical tools to monitor the progress of their work and make changes when required so they can achieve results.

The history of a better future

Embracing change and improving from the start.

Our founding principle was that we would be an adaptive and learning organisation. We believed that diversity provides different perspectives and value is found in the interaction and integration of the diverse parts when they are focused on an objective. This is an ideal we still hold dear today.

Our founders began on the workshop floor and discovered that hard work and finding a better way moved them ahead of the others. They saw that constraints provided an opportunity to be creative. The creativity and desire to learn encouraged interaction and input from the people around them.

We’ve stayed true to the original principle by promoting inclusion diversity and improvement for the past 30 years.

It’s the reason that we have a talented work group ready to mobilise, interact, learn and influence at different locations around Australia and around the world today.  

It’s also why, from the very start, people from all backgrounds who share the purpose have moved from the workshop floor to management in the world’s largest projects.

Today we offer opportunities to support and encourage talented groups, by leaving the tools, methodologies and culture that took lifetimes to develop.  

Our Values:

Integrity – We believe that every internal and external interaction must have absolute integrity. This is the cornerstone of our culture that is based on Community, Diversity and Empathy.

Innovation – We continue to create new ways to improve our performance and to integrate our process. This is why we can promise a better performance every time.

Effectiveness – We create priorities and milestones to ensure that as a company we are continually moving in the right direction. We ensure we are not only “doing it right” but we are also doing the right thing.

Integration – We continue to seek value through “Systems Thinking”. We understand that real value does not exist in the parts themselves, but in how the parts interact with each other. We smash silos to create connections and common goals with the community around us.

Empathy – We never underestimate the importance of understanding our clients, our contractors and our colleague’s ambitions and motivations. Our success comes from the success of the companies and the people we work with.